Victim Services

A person who has exited a trafficking situation has a wide range of immediate and long-term support and resource needs. From legal services and health care in the short-term to addiction therapy and life skills training in the long-term, needs vary between individuals and can be many.

The Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking meets the support and resource needs of trafficked persons either through referral to, or direct delivery of, the following resources and services:

  • food and emergency groceries
  • clothing, toiletries and hygiene products
  • tattoo removal
  • access to computers, phone and fax
  • access to laundry and shower facilities
  • housing
  • crisis intervention / supports
  • safety planning
  • health assessment
  • health care
  • advocacy
  • legal services
  • court support services
  • social services
  • addictions counseling / therapy
  • education and literacy supports
  • life skills training

If you are currently in or are seeking to exit a trafficking situation and are in need of any of these resources or services, please contact us