Message From Our Chair

 Thank you for visiting the official website of the Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking (OCEHT)!

The last two years have been huge periods of transition for the Coalition. We have seen changes to leadership and membership, and we have seen a need to adjust the mandate of the Coalition to better reflect the ever-shifting dynamics and politics of the anti-human trafficking movement in the National Capital Region.

As we exit this period of transition and look to 2020, our team is excited about what this next year has in store for us and for the community. The Coalition will continue building on initiatives that were started in previous years, including the NOT HERE! Hotel Initiative. Our Committees are also brainstorming ways to address some of the ongoing barriers that we have identified in our annual report. You can read our most recent annual report for 2018-2019 here.

While human trafficking is an ongoing and ever-changing issue, our Coalition members and volunteers are as passionate and committed as ever to offer accessible, practical support and training to service providers and to develop pragmatic, innovative solutions to this human rights violation. Our Coalition is looking forward to seeing greater unity and collaboration in the anti-human trafficking movement this year, and we are excited to continue to work with local organizations, stakeholders, and community members to see human trafficking end in the National Capital Region!

You can stay updated about our activities by checking this website regularly and visiting the GET INVOLVED page for information about becoming a member and volunteering with us. You can also request training from us, make a donation to our Coalition, or independently raise awareness about human trafficking by talking about this issue with your friends, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances, and family members. Every action contributes to the larger anti-human trafficking movement and helps keep this issue on the forefront of socio-economic, political, legal, and community discourse in Canada. So stay passionate and involved! It is through unity and community – through the united, persistent, and tireless efforts of many individuals working together –  that we will enact change and move towards the end of human trafficking and modern day slavery, both domestically and internationally.

Thank you for your interest in our work!

Garifalia Milousis
August 2020