Our History

The OCEHT began as a sub-committee of PACT- Ottawa (Persons Against the Crime of Trafficking in Humans). The committee brought together agencies in the National Capital Region that were ready, willing and able to assist a trafficked person. In 2013, the OCEHT became a distinct and separate organization from PACT-Ottawa, but continued with its established mandate. A mandate that focuses on meeting the resource and support needs of trafficked persons, and to provide training on human trafficking to service providers. A new chapter of the OCEHT had begun.

Today, the OCEHT continues the work originally envisioned at its inception. Led by a Chair and Vice Chair, it is composed of over 40 Members who sit as either individuals or as representatives of more than 20 organizations. Its mandate is supported by the work of 10 committees along with a group of Observing Members and Network Members, as well as volunteers that coordinate training, Member / volunteer recruitment, events and communications.