Human Trafficking on the Front Line: Concepts, Perspectives & Responses

June 11 – 15, 2018
Ottawa, ON

Thanks to provincial funding, the OCEHT was able to offer at NO CHARGE, a 5-day training workshop entitled Human Trafficking on the Front Line: Concepts, Perspectives & Responses. Customized for grass roots, frontline professionals working DIRECTLY with persons who have been trafficked, the event was comprised of training sessions, breakout workshops, as well as presentations by, and a discussion with, survivors representative of the Indigenous community, domestic sex trafficking, international sex trafficking and labour trafficking. The goal was to address prevailing deficits in specialized training (either because it is not available or it is not accessible due to for example, high cost), to challenge biases that have been evidenced to exist in service delivery (e.g. some frontline professionals consider some clients to be more worthy of certain services than others) and to offer networking opportunities, in order to enhance the overall response of frontline professionals to trafficked persons. The training deficits that were targeted by this training were identified by the Coalition membership over the past 3 years (and have been recorded in the last three OCEHT annual reports ).

We are happy to report that the turnout of participants and feedback received are testament of the HUGE success of the training event! Through this training, participants acquired knowledge and skills that will improve their ability to provide services to trafficked persons, especially marginalized groups such as those who are males, LGBTQ2 and Indigenous, as well as their ability to identify and understand other forms of human trafficking. The training also set the foundational groundwork for partnership, alliances and collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations; it expanded the anti-trafficking network overall and fostered the development of new partnerships! We are thrilled with what we have been able to accomplish over one week and can’t wait for the opportunity to offer something similar in the future!

For a poster of the event please click here: HT Front Line Poster

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to –

Crime Prevention Ottawa for donating the incredible venue;
• the staff at Overbrook Community Centre who were incredibly helpful, friendly and accommodating of all of our requests;
Tungasuvvingat Inuit for coordinating a full day of training on the Indigenous reality and building allyship with Indigenous peoples and organizations, as well as for providing a delicious home cooked traditional Indigenous lunch on day 3;
A New Day for their assistance in the planning and administration of the workshop;
St. Joe’s Women’s Centre for providing an incredibly delicious/wholesome lunch on the first day;
Bridgehead (Bank St & Albert St) for providing lunch on the last day;
Second Cup (Bank St. & Slater St) for providing free coffee on one of the five days;
• all organizations that hosted information tables on day 3 and day 5 of the workshop;
• the trainers and presenters – many of whom travelled far distances and took no or nominal payment for their training services, in order to contribute to the learning experience of participants;
• the OCEHT volunteers who donated their time towards the planning and smooth execution of this incredible event; and
• THANK YOU to the Provincial Anti-Human Trafficking Coordination Office at the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services of the province of Ontario for funding this incredible endeavor!
This incredible week-long training event would not have been possible without any of you! THANK YOU!!! Here is some of the feedback:

“I cannot think of anything [about the training workshop] that was not helpful. All I can suggest is that this becomes mandatory training for all frontline workers and that it is still free or financially accessible. … This training is really well done. “

“I’ve been working in the helping field for many, many years and I have yet to attend a ‘FREE’ workshop that contains so much knowledge and experts presenting information.”

“Guest speakers – the caliber of these folks was incredible! … Can’t thank the Coalition enough for putting this training opportunity forward at $0 cost. The week has been incredible, eye opening and the beginning of something more for me looking ahead.”

“The knowledge provided was very useful. It was the best [training] engagement that I ever had.”

“I cannot thank you enough for your diligence in putting together this week long training. I am very fortunate to have been a part of this week’s journey. Your hard work and effort is greatly appreciated. It has been a privilege.”

“Really learned a lot on everything [covered], grateful how respectful everyone was.”
Aspects found to be most useful: “the amalgamation, the balance of it all, time to talk, raw and truth of it, the difficult conversations, time to ask questions.”

The most useful aspect of this training workshop was “the information on how to address the situation with victims, and realizing the need for more workshops like this for frontline workers and schools. … Thank you for providing this opportunity to learn, network and share.”

Hope & Healing Open House

June 14, 2018
Orange Gallery

Last June, the OCEHT held its first ever Hope & Healing Open House, which was a fundraising event to support survivors of human trafficking and the work of the OCEHT; to embrace trafficked persons and celebrate their healing journey; and to keep the conversation going about this horrific crime that continues to plague our community. We are so excited to announce that this event was a HUGE success and raised enough funds to sustain the work of the Coalition for another year! In addition, all but two pieces of art were SOLD!!!! We would like to thank EVERYONE who came out in support of this event and contributed towards its success!!!

We would also like to send out a huge THANK YOU to the OCEHT Events Committee, Communications Administrator, art therapist Johanne Deschamps, survivors who came out to speak, survivors who created beautiful art, S&C Photography, David Renaud for his incredible live music, organizations that hosted information tables, and all corporate citizens who donated raffle items, including Ottawa PointMen Ministry, Pure Yoga, Pure Kitchen, S&C Photography and Warrior Yoga, as well as the corporate citizens that donated beverages, including David’s Tea (Billings Bridge) and Bridgehead (Rideau Centre) .

We would also like to extend a special THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who prepared food (namely Cassie & Gina Connor), served food, bartended and engaged in a meaningful way. Everyone who contributed from the smallest to the biggest of ways, we sincerely THANK YOU!!! Without your contribution, this event would not have been possible or would not have been as successful as it was!

We can’t wait to put on another similar event in the near future! Keep checking this page for details and updates!


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