Do you need help?

If you want to discuss your personal situation, or believe you see suspicious activity, CALL the following local numbers:

Emergency Services

In case of immediate danger or an emergency, please dial


Ontario Community and Social Services Helpline


Ottawa Coalition to End Human Trafficking

Confidential Information and Case Management Services.

(613) 769-6531

Ottawa Police Service  –   Victim Crisis Unit

A confidential resource for specialized immediate crisis support and assistance.

(613) 236-1222 ext 2223

Ottawa Police Service – Human Trafficking Unit  

A team of specialized officers available to meet (on a confidential and informal basis) with individuals, families or front line workers on potential cases or for information sharing.

(613) 236-1222 ext 5005

RCMP, National Region Dispatch Centre

For emergencies and general inquiries.

(613) 952-4200

(24 hrs/7 days)

National Capital Area    Crime Stoppers

Toll free, Canada-Wide

1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

Click HERE to submit an online tip.

Chrysalis Network

Toll free, Canada-Wide

Providing a 24/7 crisis and support line for sex workers and exploited persons, and will connect with supports nationally.


Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Provincial Crisis and Support Line

A 24/7/365 multilingual, non-emergency service for male survivors of sexual abuse or those calling on their behalf to access information and referral to professional support services for trauma, stigmatization, self-blame or shame.


Victim Support Line

A 24/7/365 multilingual, non-emergency service that provides information and referral services to victims of crime anywhere in Ontario or those calling on their behalf.