Description of the Position: The Vice-Chair is responsible for supporting the Chair in the decision making process, helping oversee the design, development and implementation of activities that serve to advance the mandate of the OCEHT, as well as acting in the position of Chair when the Chair is absent or unavailable. Specific duties of the Vice-Chair include:

  • providing oversight, guidance and leadership;
  • representing the OCEHT at conferences and events, as required;
  • attending all required meetings;
  • delegating and monitoring activities of members, committees and volunteers to ensure that the mandate of the OCEHT is being advanced;
  • working with community organizations;
  • overseeing the Volunteer Recruitment Process;
  • performing a conflict resolution function, as required.

Length of Commitment: A period of 2 years, with the option to renew.

Education: Post-secondary education in victimology, law, sociology, criminology or human rights

Qualifications: Posses significant volunteer or employment experience in the area of human trafficking or a related field (i.e violence against women, shelters, etc.) and/or possess significant experience in establishing and/or leading an organization of more than 15 employees/volunteers in the area of human trafficking or a related field.


  • Knowledge of the crime of trafficking in humans, along with knowledge of the current situation of this issue in the National Capital Region, is an asset.
  • Knowledge of the structure, mandate and communications platforms of the OCEHT.

Professional Experience:  Experience in a supervisory position is required. Project management experience is an asset.

Volunteer Experience:  2 years’ of volunteer experience and/or 1 year leading a project.

Skills and Abilities:

  • ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
  • strong interpersonal skills and positive attitude;
  • time-management, planning and organizational skills, including the ability to work on a number of tasks simultaneously;
  • ability to prioritize tasks, work well under pressure and meet deadlines;
  • ability to work without close supervision or constant direction;
  • excellent leadership skills and an effective ability to delegate;
  • accuracy and attention to detail;
  • tact, discretion and the ability to use judgement in dealing with confidential information;
  • the ability to work independently, and as part of a team;
  • reliable, committed and highly motivated; and
  • flexible.